Materials and Refinement

Gold and Silver
FANCY RINGS employs the precious 750 gold and 925 sterling silver for the entire jewelry collection. Thanks to its special composition, 750 gold (75% pure gold, 25% fine silver / copper / palladium) and 925 sterling silver (92.5% pure silver, 7.5% copper) are not only extremely luxurious, but also very skin-friendly. Due to their anti-allergenic, corrosion-resistant and temperature-regulating properties, 750 gold and 925 sterling silver are the materials of choice for intimate jewelry and body jewelry that is worn through the skin.

To show the unique shine of gold and silver to its best advantage, each FANCY RINGS product receives a special hand polishing by our specialists. In addition, each piece of jewelry made ​​of 925 sterling silver features a particularly strong and abrasion-resistant top layer of fine gold or fine silver, which is 30 times thicker and more durable than a conventional gilding.